Sin É Presents

Woweembeem Christmas Party w/ Farah Elle, Papa Lou, Kixx & Jamal

One final hurrah to close out an amazing year! Big love & thanks to everyone who’s shown support! Onwards & upwards!

Lineup —

Farah Elle (LIVE, Libya / Éire)
Moving Still (DJ, Éire / Saudi Arabia)
Moiketsi aka DJ Kixx (DJ, Lesotho / Éire)
Papa Lou (DJ, Rialto / Éire)

This event will be a scaled back version of our usual craic to suit the smaller venue. It will be €5 admission at the door from 9–12am and 100% of takings will be handed directly to homeless people in the area afterwards.

Woweembeem: occasional parties and mixtapes promoting music from Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, South America et al. Celebratory sounds to nourish the soul. Hon the lads. Gwan Ireland.


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