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Bad Soup Records Presents: tribal dance, That Snaake & Gilbert

Bad Soup Records & Sin É present:
Tribal Dance
Tribal Dance
From forming initially to perform at house parties to being hailed as “Dublin math-rock revival” and named as one of the top 50 acts of 2018 by Nialler9, experimental three-piece tribal dance are turning heads due to their abrasive and unconventional sound. tribal dance have built up a reputation for their manic and unpredictable live shows combining techno inspired noise/krautrock with upbeat chaotic dance rhythms.


“THAT SNAAKE is a noise-rock combo who do not dress like mods or give each other hugs.

They have been described as “distressing” (fashion designer Alan Toye), “unsolicited” (music critic Anthony Fantano), and “a band” (graphic designer Nialler9).

They can be heard on the cassette tape “In The Court of The Baby Kyng (Little L records) and on the compilations “A Litany of Failures Vol. 1 and 2”. They have recently been mired in a legal battle to release the live album “Groundhog Day 2: The King of Carrot Consumption” which is still slated to be released in the lowest possible fidelity as part of Operation Junkyard Electric Pyramid Nowhere.

There is no other information known at this time.”

Gilbert, or The Unfathomable Loneliness Of The Deep Space Prospector
The result of mixing a love of science fiction, Spaghetti Westerns and noise-fueled rock. Abandoning their less than impressive origins as one of Cork City’s most forgettable blues bands, the trio have since taken to displaying a dizzying array of sounds, from aggressive rhythms, to noisy space-like textures, along vocals ranging from spoken word, hazy whispers and throaty howls. If that wasn’t enough to peak your interest, there is also a lore-filled space western narrative unfolding, telling the story of Pigeon, Murk, Wichita Sunshine, and of course Gilbert. A narrative that could be described as elephantine. Large, awkward, cumbersome even! But nonetheless, INTELLIGENT. Come for the noisy yell fest, stay for the LORE (we’re serious).

Upcoming Gigs

Saturday 8th October

HUNTINGS + Indigo Lights

Sunday 9th October

Dublin’s Finest

Tuesday 11th October

James Lonergan

Find Us

  • 14/15 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin 1, Co. Dublin
  • Opening Hours:
  • Wednesday through Sunday - 5pm 'til late
  • Call us at (01) 555 4036 or (01) 555 4037