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Chas Palmer Williams with Brain Donation

Chas is the former the singer from the band Lightyear. Respected for their work ethic, “unorthodox” live show and strong grass root origins . As much as they were clowns they had an underlying, honest message and respect in the underground scene and never diverted from their original ethos.

Highlights included playing Reading and Leeds festival 4 times (also in the campsite with a PA and generators dressed as ninjas after Metallica had played, technically headlining the festival), numerous radio one air plays (Mike Davies, John Peel, Steve Lamaq), getting thrown off the Jack Ass tour and going on stage with Ice T dressed as a pantomime horse.

With detailed, clever, humorous and sad lyrics about Midlands pride (ahem), losing loved ones, the confusion of what happens when your life doesn’t pan out the way you planned and an undying geek love for games workshop. He released his first EP “we showed them, didn’t we” on Ashes records and is currently writing his debut album.

Born in Liverpool, England in to a single parent working class family.
He started writing lyrics when he was 8 and was put to the back of the class room for disrupting every lesson he was in.
In the last year of school at 16 he was diagnosed with dyslexia.

He moved to the midlands were he spent his formative years making life long friends, skateboarding and getting in to trouble with his band Lightyear. He now lives in Brighton.

Having played over 2000 shows so far in his career, Chas is back on the road.

He still cannot recite the alphabet.

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