Sin É Presents

the big jam – open jam session

Live At Sin É Presents

(An Jeaim Mór)

Stringers, pluckers, singers and spooners. Come on down for the first BIG JAM. Whether you wanna show your progression on your instrument or want to meet new potential band mates, this is the night for you. Learn, teach and progress. That’s the idea here with this night. Chris and Fran, who are pullin the jar will be hosting the night and providing a backline to make it easy for you guys.

Full kit provided (breakables too)

Guitar amp and bass amp (guitar and bass included too)

2 DI’s for acoustic and keyboard job.

If you wanna bring your axe or yer class key guitar, you’ll have to bring your leads with ye!!

Let’s jam and have a sound time!!

8:30 – 10:45

10E Pitchers of Tuborg

10E 2 House G & T’s

12E 2 Jameson & Ginger


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