Sin É Presents

The Hard Chargers with Marcas Carcas – Sin E Christmas Jazz & Blues Festival

“It’s so quirky and unique even I find it difficult to describe, so here’s the closest analogy I can think of: it’s what might ensue if Jimi Hendrix met Velvet Underground on Muddy Waters’ front porch and then downed a crate of Jack Daniels whilst jamming for a crowd of insatiable sex-crazed groupies….only louder, and crazier!” Frances Burscough, (Belfast Telegraph May 2013)

“They’re magnificent! … a joyous rumblethump beat, raw and syncopated and doused in the cranky old methods of Clarksdale and Chicago.” Stuart Bailie (BBC Radio Ulster April 2013)

“Dirty Blues from Belfast”… Taking Blues/Roots/Rock into exciting mercenary territory from aggressive washboard/resonator driven Roots Music, to provocative raunchy roadhouse style Blues rock. The HardChargers have performed across the island of Ireland since 2009, performing at a stellar list of music & arts festivals, opening for cult US artists Bob Log III and Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Austrailia’s The Beards; The Waterboys and recently The Alabama 3 A recent Belfast gig prompted the legendary Terri Hooley to describe them as “My kind of fecking band”.

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