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Rhythm and Brews Craft Beer Club Monthly Beer Review!

This is a brand new craft beer club meet up every month in Sin E… Next meet up is 9th November.

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Septembers beer: Limited edition Brown Shugga’ by Lagunitas at 9.7% ABV


This is a great winter seasonal beer. Available on draft at Sin E. Dark amber color and a tan head. Slight carbonation.
The initial taste reminded me of double or imperial IPAs. But with the sweet flavours dominating and the fact that it didn’t taste so hoppy, I felt that it was more like a Belgian style brown ale. There is a strong aroma of sweet malt verging towards a caramel flavour. Most people in the craft beer group enjoyed this beer as it tastes quite different to anything we are used to in the Irish market. This beer is very sweet so finding out they use brown cane sugar in the recipe didn’t surprise me. It was probably a little bit too sweet for some people’s taste but it is a well-made beer. It is great to see some Irish bars embracing the craft difference and serving these limited edition beers.

I would give it an excellent rating of 8 out of 10.

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