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Donal Gunne Band

Donal Gunne Band

Guitarist Donal Gunne’s solo project brings together three highly inventive and exciting Irish musicians, combining their respective styles to form a compelling new musical collaboration. The trio, which includes Dave Redmond (Tommy Halferty, Yurodny, Louis Stewart) on bass, and Matthew Jacobsen (Redivider, Ensemble Eriú, Insufficient Funs) on drums, borrow from a range of genres to create a nuanced and rich set of new compositions. Redmond brings a driving energy to the music that is complemented by Jacobsen’s innovative drumming style. Together the group fuse strong hooks, inventive rhythmic approaches, and improvisational passages to produce music that can veer gracefully from the exhilarating to the delicate. Combining all these elements It’s hard not to be enthralled by this talented ensemble.

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  • 14/15 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin 1, Co. Dublin
  • Opening Hours:
  • Tuesday to Sunday - 3pm 'til Late.
    Closed Mondays.
  • Call us at (01) 555 4036 or (01) 555 4037