Sin É Presents


Fanacanta & Headtrip Acoustic Project are back sharing the stage once again at the wonderful Sin É, Dublin.

A night to be remembered with two acoustic acts that will create a soundscape of intriguing harmonies and some absolutely off the wall sick grooves!

Stage times: TBC

FANACANTA: are a four piece acoustic act of flute/piccolo, nylon string guitar, steel string guitar, cajon and vocals based in Dublin. Each player has a different musical background, spanning across a range of genres such as classical, rock, metal and funk. Playing venues such as Whelan’s, Dropdead Twice, Fibbers and Sin E and also Electric Picnic 2018.

HEADTRIP ACOUSTIC PROJECT: are a trio of two acoustic guitars mixing lap tapping and fingerstyle + one cajon and various percussive elements. The bands genre can be defined as ‘Acoustic Metal’ – fingerstyle, lap + tapping and minimalist percussion. Playing venues such as The Dwarf Jar, Whelan’s and Sin É

See you all there!

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