Sin É Presents

funkin’ for crumlin

We are delighted to announce a night of Instrumental Funk in aid of Our Ladys Children’s Hospital Crumlin!

Chief Keegan are an instrumental funk band from Dublin – Comprised of Luke Dunford on keys, Mark Dudley on guitar, Alan Elliott on bass and Cian Hanley on drums.
The the band cite Vulfpeck, The Meters, Lettuce and The New Mastersounds as influences and you can hear that in their bluesy/funky execution that tip-toes along with a deep infectious groove!

The Deep Funk Project formed through a mutual love of instrumental funk with a pinch of jazz.
They are a midlands based instrumental funk band whose influences include FORQ, PHO, Organ Freeman, VulfpeckThe Meters, The Crusaders, The J.B.s, Morrissey-Mullen and Billy Cobham. The DPF are:
Gerry Egan (Bass)
Stephen Cassin (Drums)
Adrian Kelly (Sax)
Jack Malone (Trombone)
David Relihan (Guitar).

Upcoming Gigs

Friday 28th June

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Saturday 29th June

San Rocco with Laura Ryder Ampersand + Slay Her Too

Monday 1st July

Thats It! Open Mic

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