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Headtrip Acoustic Project

Headtrip Acoustic Project is a trio of two acoustic guitarists and one percussionist on cajon, handpan, didgeridoo and various percussive elements. The music is influenced by different styles such as folk, jazz, blues, latin, world music, progressive rock and metal, which are fused together in an explorative way creating a unique and experimental sound characteristic of the trio. The two guitars play a combination of melodies, harmonies and interchangeable themes to accompany each other during the solo sections, while the percussions build on different rhythmic layers and patterns, emphasizing certain accents and adding texture to the compositions.

The acoustic trio focuses mainly on the creation of instrumental music and emotive conceptual atmospheres unique to each composition with the aim of delivering an experience during their live shows and bringing people into a journey through the music. This musical experience they call the ‘Headtrip’ – where music takes you in a journey and words are no longer needed.

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  • 14/15 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin 1, Co. Dublin
  • Opening Hours:
  • Wednesday through Sunday - 5pm 'til late
  • Call us at (01) 555 4036 or (01) 555 4037