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Panak Attaks Presents


Panik Attaks close out what’s been a killer year for the Band at Siné along side Deepinthewoods66 on the 15th of December .
Come get your freak on..

Tickets 5 euro + booking fee Here

Panik Attaks

Dragged up in Dublin, The Panik Attaks consists of Rob Walsh (Cold Comfort), Mick Pyro (Republic of Loose), Trevor Keogh (New Secret Weapon), Alex Harvey (Phazam Haze) Rían Trench (Solar Bears/ Leo Drezden)

The band are fresh out of the studio after recording six new tracks
‘live’ up at The Meadow, with The Def Bro’s on production duties. They are set to release the first track from these sessions in the shape of a music video – shot by Robert Watson aKa Scan – for ‘Psychotic Delusions’ on The 21st of November 2018.

But its at their live shows when you can really come to terms with what this stellar line up is capable of!

Its a fuse that’s been lit.
It’s balls out Rock ‘n’ Roll.
Catch them before it all goes up in flames.

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