Sin É Presents

SENU / Paj / Digg Deep

Jack of Diamonds Productions Proudly Presents

A triple trip out!

A night of synth, electro, pop and jazz!

SENU aka (Sam Killeen) is an electronic producer from Dublin, Ireland. He is well known on the Dublin circuit as guitar player with Akora. This new solo project with Cathal Mc Kenna on bass and David Dockerey on Drums is fresh off the press, with many influences drawing from, electro, jazz, chill out and synth music SENU creates and incredible intense live show! NOT TO BE MISSED!

PAJ is led by singer & guitarist Paddy Groenland and his band of amazing musicians – past and present members of Irish trailblazers Hozier, Loah, Ensemble Eriu, Manden Express, Fehdah, Nava, & Zaska. Paj’s songs emerge from soul, jazz & world music, divulging memories of living in USA, Brazil & West Africa… Imagine Jeff Buckley, Thundercat & Joni Mitchell playing basketball in Prince’s house.

DIGG DEEP aka Julia Mahon creates bangers soaked in 80’s / 90’s pop. She describes it as ‘Music to dance to, music to cry to’. She performs this tropical symphony solo and creates tracks live on stage.

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  • 14/15 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin 1, Co. Dublin
  • Opening Hours:
  • Wednesday through Sunday - 5pm 'til late
  • Call us at (01) 555 4036 or (01) 555 4037