Sin É Presents

Square Pegs

Live At Sin É welcomes Square Pegs to their new residency in the venue, on the last Friday of every month!

Square Pegs were formed five years ago, by Colm Quearney, Keith Duffy, Justin Carroll and Graham Hopkins in response to our collective love of playing the blues. We pay homage to the sound of Chicago blues, 1950s’ R&B and New Orleans blues.

They play gigs when they’re all at home and not away touring with other artists. Their sound is to pay homage to the sound of Chicago Blues, 50′s R&B, New Orleans Blues. It’s a good-time vibe and the band enjoy playing the Dublin circuit regularly. This will be the first time The Square Pegs play in Sin É and we cannot wait to have them. The band have also been recording an album over the last while and will be releasing it soon.

Colm Quearney, Graham Hopkins, Keith Duffy, Justin Carroll & Conor Brady gather as often as possible.

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