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Die-hard Fela fans, Dublin based band Yankari, aspire to advance the original Afrobeat genre by incorporating contemporary sounds, such as, jazz, funk, dance, rock-and-roll whilst keeping the traditional groove elements of Afrobeat.
This new sound has world-wide appeal and the Yankari fan base stretches from Ireland to Japan, Brazil to Spain, Nigeria to US.
Yankari founding members, brothers Segun and Michael Akano along with Uché Gabriel Akujobi, are originally from Nigeria and came together in Dublin while playing at various gigs around the city. Gradually through the love of music and rhythms from their Yoruba and Igbo cultures they created the groovy and energetic sound that is reminiscence of the Afrobeat greats of the 60’s and 70’s but with a modern twist. That sound is called Yankari.
Debut EP: Memoirs Of Our Time is infused with freedom, hope and justice and will keep you nodding and grooving while you loose yourself in its authentic sound.
Memoirs Of Our Time features Uché Gabriel Akujobi (percussion, Lead vocal) Segun Akano (drums, percussion, keyboard, vocal), Michael Akano (bass, percussion, vocal) and Guest musicians include Dan Whelan (guitar), Bob Batty (baritone sax), Allen Taylor (keyboard, sax) and Oto Olaleye (trumpet).
Welcome to a new age of Original Afrobeat. Yeah Yeah!!
The EP, Memoirs Of Our Time released on 16th October 2015 under the Hipdrop Records label is available to download from iTunes, Spotify, Wimp, Google, Youtube and other online music stores.

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