Sin É Presents

Zhora, Everest Queen, Sail | Dublin

Flailing like madmen at a point between polyrhythmic sludge and blissed-out space rock, zhOra’s refusal to rely on clichés ensures that every moment feels thunderously familiar and mischievously alien.

Everest Queen
Hailing from Stevenage in the UK, Everest Queen
pummel with massive sludge riffs that grow and expand through their dynamic songs, combining hard-hitting
chugging riffs with atmospheric textures and touches of psychedelia.

Sail Band
Sail play melodic, proggy sludge metal in the vein of Baroness, Mastodon and Torche. Hailing from Southwest UK, the band focus on dense atmospheres, big hooks, and colossal riffs.

Friday Oct 25th
Sin É Dublin
Doors: 8pm
Adm: €7

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